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Download file: Alice's adventures in wonderland with illustrations- Lewis Carroll
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  • Posted: 06 Apr 2012
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  • Description: Dodgson,­Charles­Lutwidge­(“Lewi­Carroll‭)­(1832‭1898).­â€”­Mathematicia­n and writer­of books for­children,­son of a­clergyman at­Daresbury,­Cheshire,­was ed. at­Rugby and­Oxford After­taking­orders he­was­appointed­lecturer on­mathematics,­on which­subject he­published­several­valuable­treatises.­His fame­rests,­however, on­his books­for­children,­full of­ingenuity­and­delightful­humour, of­which­Alice‭Adventures­in­Wonderland,­and its­sequel,­Through the­Looking-glas­s, are the­best.

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