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Download file: The Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to Men: Every Man I Love Is Either Married, Gay, or Dead
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  • Posted: 06 Apr 2012
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  • Description: If the Nobel­committee­offered­awards in­Gender­Relations,­the Sweet­Potato­Queens would­have the­prize all­locked up.­These fine­ladies have­devoted an­absolutely­inordinate­amount of­time to the­pursuit of­love,­marriage,­and great­sex, and­they’­re just­bursting to­share their­stories. Now­their royal­ringleader,­bestselling­author Jill­Conner­Browne,­brings you­The Sweet­Potato­Queens‭ Field­Guide to­Men, a­hilarious­(and highly­instructive)­handbook­about the­men we love­to hate, and­the ones we­love to­love, with­special­revelations­about:Why he­didn’­t callThe­sweetest­revenge­everThe­downright­crazy things­we will do­for­romancePlus,­memorable­tales of­Queenly­dating­adventures,­the­shameless­lowdown on­looking as­young as you­feel, and­more royal­recipes that­are­guaranteed­to bring him­home each­and every­night.


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