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FF Jacqui Knight - Lesbian Love, Virgins and­rrent

Hash:­2523c5fa12f077a9bcae­64b33dfebf867049929d­ Torrent Name: FF­Jacqui Knight -­Lesbian Love,­Virgins and­Cheerleaders.epub Cr­eated: 2013-12-14­04:57:10 Tags:­Books Size: 88.09­Kb Files: FF Jacqui­Knight - Lesbian­Love, Virgins and­Cheerleaders.epub,­88.09 Kb
Size: 88 Kb   Ext: .   Date added: 14 Dec 2013
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Jacqui & Luke (Ohio, USA).torrent

Hash:­67575b7fc869edf47e9b­5548bc2f7802c99b09db­ Torrent Name:­Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA) Created:­2013-12-13­09:33:55 Tags:­Video, XXX Size:­161.46 Mb Files:­ Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_03.wmv, 22.22­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_04.wmv, 21.44­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_01.wmv, 20.83­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_02.wmv, 20.33­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_07.wmv, 20.23­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_05.wmv, 20.00­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_06.wmv, 19.93­Mb Jacqui & Luke­(Ohio, USA)­part_08.wmv, 16.48­Mb
Size: 161.46 Mb   Ext: .   Date added: 13 Dec 2013
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Jacquie Et Michel - Davina.torrent

Hash:­35bb8f5ac6c623c5e6d4­b35ace090c3caca7d55e­ Torrent Name:­Jacquie Et Michel -­Davina Created:­2013-12-13­08:45:13 Tags:­XXX Size: 466.22­Mb Files:­ JacquieEtMichel-Dav­ina.wmv, 466.22 Mb
Size: 466.22 Mb   Ext: .   Date added: 13 Dec 2013
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Rethinking money How new currencies turn scarcity into prosperity - Bernard Lietaer, Jacqui Dunne (2013).pdf.torrent

Hash:­ff406377e6e857d4d903­c4fd4f762189a39f7233­ Torrent Name:­Rethinking money How­new currencies turn­scarcity into­prosperity - Bernard­Lietaer, Jacqui­Dunne­(2013).pdf Created:­2013-12-13­01:51:52 Tags:­Books Size: 3.55­Mb Files:­ Rethinking money­How new currencies­turn scarcity into­prosperity - Bernard­Lietaer, Jacqui­Dunne (2013).pdf,­3.55 Mb
Size: 3.55 Mb   Ext: .   Date added: 13 Dec 2013
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D'Alessandro, Jacquie - 1999 Red Roses Mean Love.epub.torrent

Hash:­7dee69c39b3045863366­57db9aef65ad46c0d0ab­ Torrent Name:­D'Alessandro,­Jacquie - 1999 Red­Roses Mean­Love.epub Created:­2013-12-12­05:37:41 Tags:­Books Size: 432.90­Kb Files:­ D'Alessandro,­Jacquie - 1999 Red­Roses Mean­Love.epub, 432.90 Kb
Size: 432 Kb   Ext: .   Date added: 12 Dec 2013
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Size: 38.60 Mb   Ext: .zip   Date added: 11 Dec 2013 08 Jan 2014 Download


Size: 37.90 Mb   Ext: .rar   Date added: 09 Dec 2013
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Tags:­eBooks Jacquie­DAlessandro - Ladro­di spose Italian |­Arnoldo Mondadori­Editore | 2003 | PDF­| Pages 196 | ISBN:­N/A | 6.20 Mb
Size: 6.20 Mb   Ext: .pdf   Date added: 06 Dec 2013
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(2) jacquie d'alessandro - whirlwind - um casamento imprevisto - romance.doc

Size: 1.05 Mb   Ext: .doc   Date added: 05 Dec 2013 07 Jan 2014 Download

Le bijou mysterieux - Jacquie D'Alessandro.epub

Size: 463 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 05 Dec 2013 07 Jan 2014 Download


Music Jonas And­The Massive­Attraction - Live­Out Loud 2013-404 ­Jonas And The­Massive Attraction -­Live Out Loud­2013-404 Release­name:­Jonas_And_The_Massiv­e_Attraction-Live_Ou­t_Loud-2013-404 Arti­st: Jonas & The­Massive­Attraction Album:­Live Out­Loud Bitrate:­277kbps avg Quality:­EAC Secure Mode /­LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 /­44.100Khz Label:­... more ... ­Statistics : 1 Post­|| 2 Views Post by­Wolfeius
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Music !!! - Myth­Takes (2007) 320kbps­ !!! - Myth Takes­(2007) 320kbps ­ Release Name: !!! -­Myth Takes (2007)­320kbps Format:­MP3/M4A Quality:­Excellent Track­List: 01 - Myth­Takes 2:24 02 - All­My Heroes Are­Weirdos 3:04 03 -­Must Be the Moon­5:56 04 - ... more­... Statistics :­1 Post || 1­Views Post by­Wolfeius
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Music Otep -­Atavist Otep -­Atavist Track­List: 01. Atavist­Animus (0:46) 02.­Atom to Adam (4:05)­ 03. Drunk On the­Blood of Saints­(4:04) 04.­Remember to Forget­(4:24) 05. Skin of­the Master (3:47) ­06. We Dream Like­Lions (3:13) 07.­I, Alone (3:41) ­08. Baby's ... ­more ... ­Statistics : 1 Post­|| 1 Views Post by­Wolfeius
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Music JLS -­Goodbye - The­Greatest Hits­(2013)-NaR JLS -­Goodbye - The­Greatest Hits (2013)­ Artist:­JLS Album: Goodbye­The Greatest­Hits Released:­2013 Style:­Pop Format: MP3­320Kbps Size: 105­Mb Track List: 01 -­Beat Again 02 -­Everybody In Love 03­- One Shot ... ­more ... ­Statistics : 1 Post­|| 3 Views Post by­Wolfeius
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Music Andy­Grammer - Andy­Grammer Andy­Grammer - Andy­Grammer Track­List: 01. Keep Your­Head Up 02. Fine By­Me 03. Slow 04.­You Should Know­Better 05. Lunatic ­06. Miss Me 07. The­Pocket 08. Ladies ­09. Love Love Love­(Let You ... more­... Statistics :­1 Post || 1­Views Post by­Wolfeius
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Music Kesha­Animal Cannibal­(Deluxe­Edition)-READNFO-WEB­-2011-RECA Kesha­Animal Cannibal­(Deluxe­Edition)-READNFO-WEB­-2011-RECA Track­List: 01- Your love­is my drug­[03:07] 02- TiK ToK­[03:19] 03- Take it­off [03:35] 04- Kiss­n tell [03:27] 05-­Stephen [03:32] 06-­Blah blah blah­[02:52] 07- Hungover­[03:52] 08- Party at­a ... more ... ­Statistics : 1 Post­|| 1 Views Post by­Wolfeius
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vsZSjSQ - Jacquie D'Alessan…p

Tags:­eBooks Jacquie­DAlessandro - Ladro­di spose Italian |­Arnoldo Mondadori­Editore | 2003 | PDF­| Pages 196 | ISBN:­N/A | 6.20 Mb
Size: 6.00 Mb   Ext: .   Date added: 30 Nov 2013 05 Apr 2014 Download

Jacqui Ainsworth - Chitter.epub

Author: Jacqui­Ainsworth Title:­Chitter Madeline's­bat companion,­Chitter, leads her­to an injured dragon­in the woods. It is­up to them to rescue­the dragon and help­it continue its­quest.
Ext: .epub   Date added: 29 Nov 2013
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Jacqui Ainsworth - Gilda.epub

Author: Jacqui­Ainsworth Title:­Gilda The sequel to­Chitter. Madeline,­Chitter, Gilda, and­Archer are on a­quest to rescue the­stolen dragon eggs­from Baron Godfrey.­Will they rescue­them in time? This­book is intended for­late elementary­readers.
Ext: .epub   Date added: 29 Nov 2013
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Jacqui Knight - Lesbian Orgy of the Vampires.epub

Author: Jacqui­Knight Title:­Lesbian Orgy of the­Vampires New York­City, an apartment­shared with three­girlfriends and a­high powered job­just around the­corner, what more­could Samantha want?­A trip to an­exclusive nightclub­goes wrong when the­building appears to­catch fire, but they­are rescued by the­two beautiful,­wealthy, designer­dressed women that­own the club and­taken back to the­women's home to­treat their­injuries.
Size: 102 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 29 Nov 2013
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Jacqui Stafford - The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget (PagePerfect NOOK Book)

Author: Jacqui­Stafford Title: The­Wow Factor: Insider­Style Secrets for­Every Body and Every­Budget (PagePerfect­NOOK Book) ISBN:­9781101620168 Fashi­on editor and style­expert Jacqui­Stafford’s new­fashion bible proves­that you don’t­have to be skinny or­rich to look and­feel fabulous. Some­women just have­"it". That­indefinable­something that makes­them look­effortlessly­stylish, pulled­together, and WOW!­But if you think­they were born with­it, think again. You­see, any woman can­be a knockout - with­a little help from­Jacqui. In her­fabulous new style­bible, fashion­editor and­world-renowned style­expert Jacqui­Stafford is spilling­all her insider­secrets. An­unpretentious,­totally accessible­guide, The Wow­Factor reveals all­the tricks that­fashion and beauty­editors use to make­celebs and models­look picture­perfect. She'll­share industry tips­for the hair, makeup­and clothing that­makes you the best­version of YOU­possible. (Hint:­It's got nothing to­do with being rich­or skinny.) With her­signature cheeky­British humor,­Jacqui takes the­mystery out of: How­to figure out your­body shape to create­your ideal body (Are­you a Cocktail Ring­or Sunglasses? A­Fragrance Bottle or­Lipstick?) How to­make the plainest­outfit dazzle with­the right­accessories What are­the definitive­beauty and skincare­products that really­get results (and why­you can forget the­rest) Where, and­why, fashion editors­shop when they do­How to follow­hard-to-wear fashion­trends (and which­trends to ignore)­Why some women look­super wealthy (even­if they're not) And­much, much more.
Ext: .   Date added: 29 Nov 2013
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Jacquie Gering - Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts

Author: Jacquie­Gering Title:­Quilting Modern:­Techniques and­Projects for­Improvisational­Quilts ISBN:­9781620331538 From­two pioneers of­today’s modern­quilting movement,­Quilting Modern­teaches quilters how­to use­improvisational­techniques to make­graphic,­contemporary quilts­and quilted­projects. Explore­seven core­techniques and­multiple projects­using each­technique—all­presented with­detailed­instructions. Also­included is­step-by-step­direction from­Jacquie Gering and­Katie Pedersen on­tools, materials,­and quilting basics,­as well as expert­advice on color and­design. New and­seasoned quilting­artists will love­making stunning bed,­wall hanging,­pillowcase, and­table accessory­quilts with this­must-have resource.­Quilting Modern is a­field guide for­quilters who strive­to break free from­tradition and yearn­to explore­improvisational­work. Quilters can­make the 21 projects­in the book, but­will also come away­with the new­knowledge and skills­to apply to their­own unique designs.­In Quilting Modern ,­quilters will find­the support,­structure, and­encouragement they­need to explore­their own creativity­and artistic vision.
Ext: .   Date added: 29 Nov 2013
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Jacqui Atkin - Handbuilt Pottery Techniques Revealed (PagePerfect NOOK Book)

Author: Jacqui­Atkin Title:­Handbuilt Pottery­Techniques Revealed­(PagePerfect NOOK­Book) ISBN:­9781438083094 Here­are directions for­many creative,­fun-to-do pottery­projects potters can­follow to produce­handsome finished­objects without need­of a potter’s­wheel. The author­instructs in coil,­slab, mold, and­pinch techniques to­produce pots, bowls,­vases, tiles, and­other decorative­pieces. She also­advises on acquiring­basic tools, mixing­and preparing clay,­and using coloring­agents. Newcomers to­pottery crafting­will especially­appreciate her tips­for making projects­easier to­accomplish, such as­use of a hairdryer­at regular intervals­for drying out­too-wet clay, and­easy methods for­keeping clay soft­and pliable.­Step-by-step color­photos with detailed­captions guide­handcrafters through­each project from­start to finish.­Many photos are of­the cutaway type to­show correct hand­positions for­controlling the­clay, both inside­and outside the­form. Here’s the­book that takes the­mystery out of­handbuilding in­clay, demonstrating­each step in the­pottery-making­process. More than­400 color photos.
Ext: .   Date added: 29 Nov 2013
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Size: 1.76 Mb   Ext: .pdf   Date added: 04 Nov 2013
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Lori & Martin, Deirdre & D'Alessandro, Jacquie & McCall, Penny Foster - Double the Pleasure.epub

Author: Lori &­Martin, Deirdre­& D'Alessandro,­Jacquie &­McCall, Penny­Foster Title: Double­the Pleasure Series­: Book 4 of­"SBC­Fighters" ­Think of the man­you'd give anything­to be with. Think of­what you'd like to­do to him...and what­you'd like him to do­to you. think of the­fun you could have.­Now, double it! ­Joining forces New­York Times­bestselling­sensation Lori­Foster, USA Today­bestselling authors­Deirdre Martin and­Jacquie­D'Alessandro, and­Penny McCall join­together for this­tantalizing­anthology... DEUCES­WILD (SBC Fighters,­Bk 4)- by Lori­Foster Dexter­Winston is an­amazing writer, but­he is not an actor.­When his brother­Hart wants him to­step into his life­and act like him so­he can go and train­to be a fighter, Dex­is a little­cautious. That is­until he sees Hart's­next door neighbor­Christy. Christy has­always had a crush­on Hart but he is so­much more her type­these days. When he­finally starts to­pay attention to her­she thinks her dream­has come true. She­falls in love with­him but when she­learns the truth­which Hart is she­truly in love with? ­THE LUCK OF THE­IRISH- by Deirdre­Martin Maggie­O'Brian is a­waitress at her­family's pub.­Brendan is a­carpenter who works­for his Uncle Joe,­and is remodeling­the Wild Hart. He is­more than willing to­take his time at­work if it means he­can be around the­feisty Maggie. But­he may have bitten­off more than he can­chew because Maggie­is in no way going­to let herself get­hurt again... and­Brendan has a big­secret that could­devastate her. YOUR­ROOM OR MINE- by­Jacquie D'Alessandro­Jack Walter is going­to have to spend the­whole weekend at a­retreat for all his­co-workers, with the­woman he can't­stand. Maddie Price­did not plan being­stuck a whole day­early with the most­frustrating man­ever, when she­suggested this­weekend for team­building. But she­has some important­choices to make and­that means finding a­hot guy to have a­one night stand­with. DOUBLE THE­DANGER- by Penny­McCall Dr. Abby West­was just performing­the routine autopsy­when her John Doe­turned out to be her­ex. Her un-dead ex­at that. When he­jumps off the table­Abby thinks she has­lost her darn mind,­but it turns out­that she is very­must sane and very­much in danger.­Drake did not expect­to wake up and see­his ex-girlfriend.­But she is his­mission, or rather­her grandfather is.­Drake is an FBI­agent sent to­protect Abby's­grandfather who was­in the witness­protection program.­Abby must cooperate­with Drake or else­she and her­grandfather will end­up dead.
Size: 368 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Jacquie D'Alessandro - The Bride Thief.epub

Author: Jacquie­D'Alessandro Title:­The Bride Thief HAS­ENGLAND’S MOST­INFAMOUS BRIDE THIEF­FINALLY MET HIS­MATCH? At­six-and-twenty,­Samantha Briggeham­knew her marital­prospects were­fading by the season­and she was pleased­by the thought. She­had no intention of­being­betrothed–especial­ly against her­will–to a man she­did not love. She­had a plan...and it­didn’t include­being swept into a­pair of powerful­arms and spirited­away by a masked­rider. News of­Sammie’s heroic­rescue from­undesired wedlock­turned her into the­toast of the ton,­wooed by suitors far­and wide. But she­couldn’t forget­the swashbuckling­brigand who’d­abducted­her–something­about him intrigued­her completely. Then­she met Eric­Landsdowne, the­dashing and­seductive Earl of­Wesley. His­exploits were­legendary, his life­filled with danger.­He was the elusive­Bride Thief , who­had his own reasons­for helping young­women escape the­unhappy fate of­arranged marriages,­and whose true­identity was a­scrupulously guarded­secret. But from the­moment he rescued­Sammie–only to­discover she’d­already managed to­get herself­un-betrothed–Eric­knew he couldn’t­lose her a second­time. Marriage was­out of the question.­Which left only one­option: A­clandestine affair­that might lead to­scandal, social­ruin, and the­unmasking of a­love-bested legend.­. .
Size: 640 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Jacquie D'Alessandro - Whirlwind Wedding.epub

Author: Jacquie­D'Alessandro Title:­Whirlwind­Wedding Austin­Randolph Jamison,­Ninth Duke of­Bradford, met the­uncanny beauty at­the ball at Bradford­Hall. And from that­first moment, he was­stunned. How could­this unsophisticated­female, who climbed­trees in a ball gown­to rescue a kitten,­know secrets that­could ruin his­family and speak of­danger that­threatened them all?­Who was she, this­American­bluestocking who­knew too much, whose­innocence shone in­her eyes even as her­full lips tempted­sin? Suddenly the­duke knew he could­not afford to let­her go. Some called­it a gift. To­Elizabeth Matthews,­however, her visions­were a­responsibility that­bound her to protect­others from danger,­no matter that the­gossipmongers­whispered she was­chasing the duke to­the altar. She vowed­to use her powers to­protect Austin at­any cost, reckless­of the passions that­drove her into his­arms, the need that­made her his bride,­never expecting her­marriage to turn­into a love match­that would become­the ton's most­delicious scandal.
Size: 724 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Jacquie Underdown - Beautiful Illusion.epub

Author: Jacquie­Underdown Title:­Beautiful­Illusion A­beautiful, spiritual­story about a woman­who meets the man of­her dreams — and­then wakes up... ­The last thing Leah­thought she’d get­out of a shocking­car accident was the­perfect boyfriend.­But there was­Brennan in the­hospital bed next to­hers — equal parts­charm, cheek, and­chocolate. Their­relationship, their­love, her life, is­almost too good to­be true. Then, to­Leah’s horror, she­discovers that it­is. Her new life­with Brennan is only­a fabrication of her­injured mind — a­coma dream that ends­when she wakes up. ­Struggling with­injuries and­grieving for a man­that never existed,­Leah battles to put­her life back­together. But a­series of­coincidences hint­that for some­people, love can­transcend all­barriers and achieve­the impossible.
Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Jacquie - ebook Koutcher untitled 101811.epub

Author:­Jacquie Title: ebook­Koutcher untitled­101811 Language:­En Issued:­2011-10-18
Ext: .epub   Date added: 16 Oct 2013
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Jacqui Jacoby - With a Vengeance

Author: Jacqui­Jacoby Title: With a­Vengeance The more­she wanted out, the­more they dragged­her back in.­Daughter to murdered­CIA officers, niece­to a deputy­director, Jaime­Walsh has never­known life outside­the world of­espionage. Until a­highaction case in­Buenos Aires leaves­her gutted.­Physically,­emotionallyand­professionally. Shed­planned for her­longoverdue vacation­to be a time to rest­and reassess. With­her longtime partner­Stephen not far­behind, its a­tropical paradise­away from work. A­paradise where­boundaries will be­tested. From their­training days,­Stephen Reid has­watched Jaime kick­ass while performing­what has become his­second­job"watching­her back. But now­his feelings have­grown. As best­friends look at each­other in a new­light, they like­what they see. And­Jaime dreams of a­new life outside the­company. Except­someone from their­past wont be­satisfied until­Jaime and the man­she loves are hunted­to the brink of­death. Now Jaime­must find the­strength to trust­her heart and let go­of her fear. Before­she loses everything­Warning This book­contains world­travel with stops in­exotic locations, a­kickass heroine who­just wants to be­left alone and a­sexy hero who cant­seem to stop himself­from watching her­back.
Ext: .   Date added: 16 Oct 2013
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