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Mary Wine/ Mary­Wine/Bedding the­Enemy (2703)/ Mary­Wine/Bedding the­Enemy (2703)/Bedding­the Enemy - Mary­ ...
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Wine, Mary - Paying Up.pdf.torrent

Hash:­88e228ad78332942dc71­fb56ac995447d825ab9b­ Torrent Name: Wine,­Mary - Paying­Up.pdf Created:­2013-12-14­06:17:35 Tags:­Books Size: 139.20­Kb Files: Wine,­Mary - Paying­Up.pdf, 139.20 Kb
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Mary Wine - Steam Guardians 1 - A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious.epub.torrent­

Hash:­d4ad2a1ec44660d6db6a­eca435bbf4f96707b9fd­ Torrent Name: Mary­Wine - Steam­Guardians 1 - A Lady­Can Never Be Too­Curious.epub Created­: 2013-12-12­00:30:11 Size: 1.20­Mb Files: Mary Wine­- Steam Guardians 1­- A Lady Can Never­Be Too Curious.epub,­1.20 Mb
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Mary Renault - The Last of the Wine: A Novel

Author: Mary­Renault Title: The­Last of the Wine: A­Novel ISBN:­9781480432932 “Ma­ry Renault is a­shining light to­both historical­novelists and their­readers. She does­not pretend the past­is like the present,­or that the people­of ancient Greece­were just like us.­She shows us their­strangeness;­discerning,­sure-footed,­challenging our­values, piquing our­curiosity, she leads­us through an alien­landscape that moves­and delights­us.”—Hilary­Mantel Alexias is a­young aristocrat­living during the­end of Athens’s­Golden Age. Prized­for his beauty and­athletic prowess,­Alexias studies­under Sokrates with­his closest friend,­Lysis. Together, the­young men come of­age in an Athens on­the verge of great­upheaval. They­attend the Olympics,­partake in symposia,­fight on the­battlefields of the­Peloponnesian War,­and fall in­love. The first of­Mary Renault’s­celebrated­historical novels of­ancient Greece, The­Last of the Wine­follows Alexias and­Lysis into­adulthood, when­Athens is defeated­by Sparta, the­Thirty Tyrants take­hold of the city,­and the lives of­both men are changed­forever. Through­their friendship,­Renault opens a­vista onto ancient­Greek life,­uncovering its­vibrancy, culture,­and political­strife, and offers­an unforgettable­story of love,­honor, loyalty, and­the remarkable bond­between two­men. This ebook­features an­illustrated­biography of Mary­Renault including­rare images of the­author.
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Mary Wine - To Conquer a Highlander

Author: Mary­Wine Title: To­Conquer a­Highlander ISBN:­9781402256196 "­;Not to be­missed." -Lora­Leigh, New York­Times #1 bestselling­author of Black Jack­ A fierce Highland­laird ready to kill­for king and­country... When­Torin McLeren­discovers his­neighbor's plot­against his king, he­takes their daughter­as his prisoner,­thereby stopping her­father's plot from­going forward. But­that leaves him with­a woman under his­roof whom he can't­ignore, and not just­because she's his­enemy's daughter...­ A woman who's as­much trouble as she­is temptation...­ Shannon McBoyd­decides to use her­captor to experience­passion for the­first time, and then­to destroy him. But­her plan goes awry­because once she has­lured Torin into her­bed, she no longer­wants to hurt the­one man who seems to­value and understand­her... Even if her­father will kill­him-and her-when he­discovers what­they've done...­ "Deeply­romantic,­scintillating, and­absolutely­delicious."­ -Sylvia Day,­national bestselling­author of The­Stranger I Married­ "Mary Wine's­writing is­absolutely­stellar." -CK2­Kwips &­Critiques­ "Mary Wine has­a definite knack for­pacing, and the­story never lets­up."­ -Bookaholics­ Acclaimed author­Mary Wine has­written nearly­twenty works of­erotic fantasy,­romantic suspense,­and historical­romance. An avid­history-buff and­historical costumer,­she and her family­enjoy participating­in historical­reenactments. Mary­lives with her­husband and two sons­in Yorba Linda,­California.
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Mary Wine - Trouble with Highlanders

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Trouble­with­Highlanders ISBN:­9781402264757 Prais­e for Highland Heat­: "Mary Wine­brings history to­life with major­sizzle­factor."—Lucy­Monroe, USA Today­bestselling author­of For Duty's Sake­ "Dramatic and­vivid...Scorching­love scenes threaten­to set the sheets­aflame."—­Publishers Weekly­Starred Review She­Has Hardly Any­Choices Left...­ With her clan on­the wrong side of­the struggle for the­Scottish throne,­heiress Daphne­Macleod, once the­toad of the court,­is out of options...­ And They're All­Dangerous... Norris­Sutherland once­helped Daphne, but­she walked away from­him without a­backward glance. Now­she's in deep­trouble and needs­him more than ever.­But he may be lost­forever...unless she­can somehow convince­him to forgive her.­ Praise for To­Conquer a Highlander­: "Hot enough­to warm even the­coldest Scottish­nights...With a­captivating leading­lady and terrific­pacing."—­Publishers Weekly­Starred Review­ "Not to be­missed."—Lora­Leigh, New York­Times #1 bestselling­author
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Mary Wine - In Bed with A Stranger.epub

Author: Mary­Wine Title: In Bed­with A­Stranger Series : ­Book 1 of­"McJames" ­An Imperfect Match­Brodick McJames is­an earl in name­only. To secure his­clan's future he­needs an English­wife. Mary Stanford,­daughter of the Earl­of Warwickshire,­will suit perfectly.­He's never met her,­but what matter?­She'll grace his bed­eventually, and once­she bears his child­he need see her no­more. Anne Copper­looks just like her­noble half-sister,­but she was born­illegitimate, and­can never forget it.­The best she can­hope for is to stay­a serving girl in­her own father's­house. But when Lady­Mary finds herself­betrothed to a Scot,­it seems there's a­use for Anne after­all . . . The woman­who arrives in­Alcaon is not what­Brodick expects, and­the passion that­grows between them­promises far more­than a marriage of­convenience. When­fate draws two­together, it may­take more than a­noblewoman's plot to­part them . . .­"My kind of­historical!...sweeps­you into the time­period without­taking a thing away­from delightful­characters and a­charming romance. .­.definitely a­must-read."­--Heather Graham
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Mary Wine - Highlander's Prize, The.epub

Author: Mary­Wine Title:­Highlander's Prize,­The Series : Book­3 of "English­Tudor" PRAISE­FOR HIGHLAND HEAT ­"A lively and­exciting adventure.­" —Booklist ­BASTARD ROYAL­DAUGHTER, PAWN IN A­DEADLY GAME Sent to­Scotland to be the­king's mistress and­produce an heir,­Clarrisa of York has­never needed a­miracle more. But­the brusque Highland­laird who kidnaps­her is a bit too­rough to be­considered divine­intervention. HE'LL­DO ANYTHING TO­THWART HIS KING ­With rival lairds­determined to steal­Clarrisa from him­and royal henchmen­searching for her­all over the­Highlands, Laird­Broen MacNicols has­a mess on his hands.­Worse yet, there's a­magnetic attraction­between them,­although he's­betrothed to­another. But even an­independent–minded­lady like Clarrisa­knows that a­Highlander always­claims his prize...­"Fiery passion­as elemental, raw,­and beautiful as the­Scottish­Highlands."­—Long and Short­Reviews "[The­characters] fight­just as passionately­as they love while­intrigue abounds and­readers turn the­pages faster and­faster!" —RT­Book Reviews, 4­Stars
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Mary Wine - Steam Guardians 01 - A Lady Can Never Be Too Curious.epub

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Steam­Guardians 01 - A­Lady Can Never Be­Too Curious Series­: Book 1 of­"Steam­Guardians" ­Beneath the Surface­of Victorian Life­Lies a Very­Different World...­Hated and feared by­the upper classes,­the Illuminists­guard their secrets­with their lives.­Janette Aston's­insatiable quest for­answers brings her­to their locked­golden doors, where­she encounters the­most formidable man­she's ever met.­Darius Lawley's job­is to eliminate­would-be­infiltrators, but­even he may be no­match for Janette's­cunning and charm...­Praise for Highland­Heat :"Dramatic­and­vivid...Scorching­love scenes threaten­to set the sheets­aflame." —­Publishers Weekly ,­Starred Review­"[The­characters] fight­just as passionately­as they love while­intrigue abounds and­readers turn the­pages faster and­faster!" — RT­Book Reviews , 4­Stars
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Mary Wine - A Captain and a Corset.epub

Author: Mary­Wine Title: A­Captain and a­Corset There's­Trouble in the­Skies... For Sophia­Stevenson, there's­no going back to the­life she knew. She­never asked for the­powers that make her­a precious commodity­to the secret­society of­Illuminists—and­their archenemies. ­Captain Bion Donkova­would give anything­to possess the­powers that have­fallen in Sophia's­lap. If only the­beautiful,­infuriating woman­could stay out of­trouble, he wouldn't­have to keep coming­to her rescue...­Bion and Sophia have­friction to­spare—and nothing­fuels a forbidden­passion better than­danger... Praise for­A Lady Can Never Be­Too Curious:­"Fascinating...­inspiring...The­chemistry is off the­charts."—Fres­h Fiction­"Fast-paced,­unique...a whole new­world that I can't­wait to read more­of."—Night­Owl Reviews­"This story­grabbed me right at­the's­going in my personal­library."—Lon­g and Short Reviews
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Mary Wine - Highland Hellcat.epub

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Highland­Hellcat "Deepl­y romantic,­scintillating, and­absolutely­delicious." ?­Sylvia Day, national­bestselling author­of The Stranger I­Married He wants a­wife he can­control... Connor­Lindsey is a­Highland laird, but­his clan's loyalty­is hard won and he­takes nothing for­granted. He'll do­whatever it takes to­find a virtuous­wife, even if he has­to kidnap her... She­has a spirit that­can't be tamed...­Brina Chattan has­always defied­convention. She sees­no reason to be­docile now that­she's been captured­by a powerful laird­and taken to his­storm-tossed castle­in the Highlands,­far from her home.­When a rival laird's­interference nearly­tears them apart,­Connor discovers­that a woman with a­wild streak suits­him much better than­he'd ever­imagined... Praise­for To Conquer a­Highlander "Hot­enough to warm even­the coldest Scottish­Nights..." -­Publishers Weekly­starred review­"An exciting­page turner..."­-Fresh Fiction­"I have read­numerous­Scottish-themed­romances, but none­compare to this­amazing book."­-The Royal Reviews­"An utterly­fantastic book with­characters that­steal your­heart..." -The­Long and Short of it
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Mary Renault - Last Of The Wine: Special Edition, The.epub

Author: Mary­Renault Title: Last­Of The Wine: Special­Edition, The In The­Last of the Wine,­two young Athenians,­Alexias and Lysis,­compete in the­palaestra, journey­to the Olympic­games, fight in the­wars against Sparta,­and study under­Socrates. As their­relationship­develops, Renault­expertly conveys­Greek culture,­showing the impact­of this supreme­philosopher whose­influence spans­epochs.
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Mary Wine - Beyond Lust

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Beyond­Lust Book 2 in the­Breaking Boundaries­series. Life in 2255­is fast and full of­instant­gratification, but­the plaintive cry of­a barren soul for­more from a partner­than meaningless sex­is often drowned out­in society's­reckless pursuit of­easy pleasures.­Katriona's life is­lacking. Proud of­her heritage and her­position as en­enforcer, she sees­an emptiness that­the world around her­is blinded to.­Surrounded by men­who would fill her­bed, she wanders­into the night­seeking something,­instead, that will­touch her heart.­Long forgotten is a­yearning inside most­women for more.­Javier Trey is the­kind of man who can­touch that yearning.­The intensity he­offers fires a­sexual and emotional­burn inside­Katriona. It beckons­with the bite of­obsession as Javier­refuses to back off­and ignore the­craving that flares­in both of them.­When least expected,­love can bind two­souls, and when it­takes your destiny­in its grip, you­just might discover­what lies beyond­lust
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Mary Wine - Evolution's Embers

Author: Mary­Wine Title:­Evolution's­Embers Time might­march on but hidden­in each human are­the embers of­evolution that­flicker to life when­nature insists.­Earth is in trouble,­flooded with­pollution and­uninhabitable for­females, who are­instead sent into­space to live. As­the birth rate­becomes­predominately male,­the human race must­find a way to­stabilize the­population. No­chances will be­taken on­relationships doomed­to failure because­of personality­conflicts. Males­that desire a female­to mate submit to­intense testing and­wait for a female­whose results match.­They will also agree­to shareone female­can provide children­for two males and­stabilizing the­population must take­precedence over­personal choice.­Jala is an Estroko,­a female gladiator­who trains and­competes in martial­arts. Only females­can be Estroko and­winning freedom from­matching is an­Estroko's ultimate­reward, but a­dishonorable knee­sweep ends that­dream for­Jalasending her to­be matched for­reproduction. She­comes face to face­with a pair of males­who consider her­their matchand their­possession. Jala­won't abandon her­dreams because­science says Cassian­and Sion were meant­for her. Cassian and­Sion can't fathom­why Jala ignores the­passion igniting­between them. In an­era when science­controls attraction,­what happens to the­tender emotions that­can bind more than­just the body Love­doesn't show up on­test pages, it flows­through the blood­and takes root in­the heart. Warning,­this title contains­hot and steamy sex­between two and­three people,­explained in­contemporary graphic­language.
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Mary Wine - Beyond Boundaries

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Beyond­Boundaries Book 1­in the Breaking­Boundaries series. ­In 2254, a fertile­woman is worth her­weight in platinum.­With the future of­the human race in­question, death is­the only sentence­handed out to those­who plunder Earth's­most precious­resource. Lee­Tanner, commander of­the Enforcer outpost­responsible for­guarding and­protecting those­women, will be happy­to hand out that­sentence. Tightening­his newest command­will eliminate the­pirate raids, but it­leaves him holding­the first recovered­captive in years.­Strong and fiercely­independent, Chenoa­awakens the warrior­within him, and­nothing in the­Enforcer's codes­helps him deal with­the fact that his­captive isn't just a­witness or a­lustedafter­commodity. She's a­woman. There are­forces in nature­that never notice­the passing of­years. The advances­in civilization have­done little to­dampen the primitive­yearnings of male­and female. But the­hand of Fate touches­whom she will. Love­and the bonding of­two souls will never­be obedient to the­dictates of policy.­Lee will discover­how far a man will­go and how hard he­must fight to­protect what is his.
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Mary Wine - Full Disclosure

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Full­Disclosure Her­boyfriend is backand­that's a major­problem. Antonia­isn't ready to face­the one man who­shakes up her world­A Midsummer Night's­Steam story Antonia­doesn't need to look­at forbidden fruit.­The taste still­clings to her lips,­haunting her with­just how good she­and Danton had been­together Right up­until he informed­her that he had to­get married because­he was going to be a­father. That just­made it worse.­Inside him was a man­worth dreaming­about, even if she­knew it was in vain.­Danton always­doublechecked his­facts. It was a­habit that kept him­alive during­missions that should­have killed him. His­impromptu wedding­was no exception.­There wasn't going­to be any­consummation of the­vows until he had a­paternity test. But­doing the right­thing had cost him­the one woman he­loved. Until the­test came back­negative. Now there­is nothing that will­stop him from coming­back with the prize­he'd been forced to­abandon three months­ago. Toni was going­to be his, right­after she got the­full disclosure on­his hasty wedding­and the blunt fact­that he loved her.­Warning, this title­contains the­following explicit­sex, graphic­language and bondage­bedroom games with­toys.
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Mary Wine - Alcandian Soul Alcandians Book Three

Author: Mary­Wine Title:­Alcandian Soul­Alcandians Book­Three Book 3 in the­Alcandians series. ­History is written­by the victors. Cole­Somerton knows that­rule by heart.­Unable to return to­Earth, he finds­facing a future on­Alcandar isn't­anything to be­worried about.­Becoming a warrior­only completes the­path he'd set out on­when he joined­Special Forces back­on Earth. But his­connection with­Earth isn't­completely severed.­There's one woman­drawing him back­across space, and­this time he won't­be able to leave­Cassandra behind.­She's returning to­Alcandar despite her­protests. When her­world turns inside­out, Cassandra has­no one left to turn­to. Cole, the­subject of her­erotic dreams, is­the last person she­wants to rescue her.­But the brute isn't­listening and she­finds that her­fortune isn't­looking any brighter­when she wakes up on­Alcandar, about to­be mated to not only­Cole, but the dark­and sexy Dyne as­well. Between­government­conspiracies and­racefueled pride,­passion still­refuses to take­sides. Love doesn't­listen to dictates­of current policy­and Cassandra is­about to learn that­Alcandian warriors­never fail when they­are intent on­securing a mate.
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Mary Wine - Alcandian Rage

Author: Mary­Wine Title:­Alcandian Rage Book­2 in the Alcandians­series. Stranded on­Earth by deception,­Zeva has no­intention of­becoming the alien­on display to her­human captors.­Escape isn't just a­dream, it's a basic­need of survival.­Nothing and no one­will stop her from­breaking her own­chains. Back on­Alcandar, more than­her home and family­wait for her. There,­when minds brush,­details fall away­from the reality of­binding fever. And­an initial mind­brush with Zeva was­all it took for­Ravid and Keenan,­the men who threaten­her freedom once­more, to know what­she is desperate to­avoid"she is­their mate. But­Earth isn't the only­planet that harbors­evil. Even on­Alcandar, men of no­honor threaten the­perfection her­fantasies promised.­Evil can rip a life­to shreds in mere­seconds, leaving you­reaching for the one­thing you were­certain you did not­want. Freedom comes­with a high price­tag, and may cost­Zeva the two men who­are part of her­soul. Ravid and­Keenan are more than­her mates"they­hold her heart as­well and she has no­intention of letting­anyone keep her away­from them.
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Mary Wine - Let Me Love You

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Let Me­Love You Love is­the last thing a­lone woman in the­West should believe­in, but the heart­doesn't always­listen to good­sense. With a spirit­as wild as the West,­Brianna Spencer­faces a hard life in­the small town of­Silver Peak. Her­father has not­returned from spring­hunting, but no way­is she listening to­anyone who says her­father is dead. He's­delayedthat's all.­When Sloan McAlister­finds Brianna­walking the docks to­pay down a bank­note, she grabs his­attention. The docks­aren't meant for her­caliber of woman.­Yet the West is­ruled by one thing,­the need to survive.­Sloan soon finds­himself right in the­middle of a­claimjumping family­that considers­Brianna easy prey­while her father's­out of the picture.­His better judgment­says to walk away.­But after one stolen­kiss, Sloan refuses­to do anything of­the sort. If she's­going warm any man's­bed, Brianna will­marry him. However,­Brianna wants more­than his strong arm­to back up her­father's property.­It's his love or­nothing. Warning,­this title is a­Historical western,­but still steamy­with a good taste of­sultry.
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Mary Wine - Still Mine

Author: Mary­Wine Title: Still­Mine Love is the­last line of­defense. Jolene­Benate has spent six­years keeping a vow­to herself to never­again be that weak­woman weeping at her­young husband's­graveside. Now she's­a deputy marshal on­the elite warrant­squad, as physically­and mentally tough­as they come. But­moving on isn't as­easy as it looks.­Especially when the­husband she thought­was dead suddenly­reappears. And, even­in the face of his­betrayal, she still­wants him. Paul­Benate's gifted mind­was groomed from a­young age to serve­the military and its­topsecret projects.­His one youthful act­of rebellion was to­marry Jolene, only­to discover a­terrorist could use­her to force him to­give up his­classified secrets.­For her own safety,­he had to let her­go. But the safety­he thought was­assured by his­"death"­was only an­illusion. Secrets­have a way of­surfacing, and once­again Jolene is the­perfect target.­There's only one­thing left to­doreclaim the woman­that he has always­loved. Even if she's­mad as hell at him.­Warning Hot and­flammable. Sometimes­they just don't make­it to the bedroom.
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Mary Wine - Alcandian Quest

Author: Mary­Wine Title:­Alcandian­Quest Book 1 in the­Alcandians series.­Jessica's love life­is a mess. She wants­a man who will love­her, make her heart­pound with desire­and her body melt­from passion.­Marriage is in there­too, but finding the­right guy is turning­out to be mission­impossible. Dumping­Mr. Wrong, she heads­to her cabin in the­mountains, hardly­expecting to be­swept off her feet­and out of this­world"literally­"into the arms­of the sexiest man­she's ever met. What­she isn't prepared­for is to get the­man of her­dreams"in­duplicate Dylan and­Jett don't care­which planet they­discover their mate­on, only that they­find the woman who­will complete them­both. And when Dylan­touches Jessica's­mind and body, he­knows it is his mate­he holds in his­arms. But Jessica is­about to find her­personal taboos­stretched to the­limit by these two­sexy, powerful­warriors. Offering­her everything she­ever wanted from a­man, she finds out­that sometimes what­you wished for is a­whole lot more than­you can handle. But­an Alcandian warrior­never gives up until­the battle is won
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Bedding the Enemy­Mary Wine
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mary wine - série highlander 02 - la fiera de las highlands.pd

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saga mcjames - 2 - de mary wine - pdf french

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mary wine - a outra (julia historicos 1588).doc

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Captain and a Corset­by Mary Wine­(.ePUB)(.MOBi)
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