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Tags: Chinese Girls,­Scandal Sex,­Uncensored Download­the video of the­Feng Chia University­Threesome Sex­Scandal with 3P Girl­below the New­Pictures! In the 32­minute video, a­young woman that is­suppose to be Lin­Jing Shan is shown­having sex with two­men. While the two­men have sex with­the so called 3P­Girl in many­different positions­they take turns­taking pictures. You­can hear porn­playing loudly in­the background (I­think its Japanese­AV porn) on the­television. The men­take turn fucking ­Lin Jing Shan while­the other receive­oral sex from her. ­ Taiwanese babe ­Lin Jing Shan aka­3P Girl and her­former boyfriend ­Xie Xin Long got­another Feng Chia­University student­with the surnamed­Yan to join them in­threesomes.­Apparently Mr.­Yan’s family is­rumored to be a ­politically­prominent in­Taiwan. After­discovering that Yan­was from a wealthy­family with ­political ties and a­single child, they­decided to blackmail­his family only to­be reported to the­police by Yan’s­mother after they­demanded more­money. Lin Jing­Shan and Xie Xin­Long were recently­arrested on­extortion charges. ­Click on pictures to­enlarge. ­ ­ Shareflare ­| Letitbit | ­Deposittfiles ­ © 2014, HOW TO­BUY PREMIUM RYUSHARE­ACCOUNT .­ The post Lin­Jing Shan Threesome­Sex Scandal Video­Download and New­Pics with Two Feng­Chia University­Students appeared­first on JavPlus.Ca­.
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